Ext. Arjun Bark 0.190 gm. (Terminalia Arjuna)

Ext. Somkalpa 0.105 gm. (Aphedra Gerardiala)

Ext. Vasaka Root 0.105 gm. (Adhatoda Vasaca)

Ext. Pippli 0.025 gm. (Piper Longum)

Ext. Cinnaman Bark 0.012 gm. (Cinnamomum Zeyalanieum)

Ext. Sonth 0.012 gm. (Zingiber Officinale)

Ext. Cardomum Large 0.050 gm. (Amomum Suvulatum)

Sugar & Water q.s.

Asthma or Allergic, bronchitis, Common cold, Cough (wet or dry)
It acts as an expectorant and useful in cough after viral fever. It is also useful in bronchioctisis and dyspnoea. It is a non steroidal combination & free from side effect .