The wish for healing has ever been the half of health. - Seneca




Shri Mohta Rasainshala, Hathras is manufacturing 80 pharmocoepial medicine & 8 patent medicines in modern & scientific way. The medicines are manufactured in the valuable guidance of ayurvedic physician and scientist with strict instruction prescribed in the “taxt”. All the medicines are manufactured in the compass of 4000 square meter. All the work right from purchase of herbs manufacturing of medicines, packing & distribution is done strictly under the supervision of competent staff.

We Believe in Enriching Life Through Nature. Ayurveda is a Knowledge of Long Life and Nature provides us the Best Medicines for Healing Mind, Spirit and even Emotions...

We want people from all over the world to Utilize our Product and to know the Benefits of Ayurveda.Our Aim is to make your Journey to Healthy living as simple as possible.



In the last 10 years, the world has developed interest in the herbal medicine among the existing medical sciences. Indian system of medicine i.e. 'AYURVEDA' is the burning example of it. Ayurveda is the complete system of medicine, in which the main aim is to up keep the natural health as well as creating the resistance against the diseases in normal health and also curing diseases with the help of'NATURE'. Ayurved gives us knowledge about age (ayu-) with its accessory circumstances i.e., food habit, moral & intellectual behavior, and mode of living & medical treatment.

After thousand year of experience the research made by 'Rishi' is being accepted as the source text of ayurveda. The aim of ayurveda is to diagnose the disease & it’s probable causes by the 'Nadi' (pulse),which are due to 'Vat, Pitta and Cough'. The incardination or loss of harmonious flow, these are the main causes of disease. The world is accepting this Indian system of medicine because there is no alternative to hydra headed problem of mankind for which the modern science find it self-miserable in curing in spite of modern facilities lab diagnosis Cat, MRI & other sophisticated lab techniques. It seems strange enough to find out miracles (MIRACLES do not happen In contradiction to nature, but only in contradicted to that which is known to us in nature- St. Augushtha) causes of & cure without taking the help of modern lab technique which is simply possible by examining the pulse (nadi) & other symptoms of body.


Keeps Women Healthy and Active even in the Tough Time.


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A Fight Against fever

Make the patient Strong enough to take alible diet.Increase the blood transfusion period.

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